Things over-looked are NOT over-looked @ Modcloth

Bike on a Hot Tin Sign @ Modcloth

I recently went over to a house-warming party of a friend of mine who just bought his first home, being the tree-hugging kind of guy he is he doesn't own a vehicle and instead bikes around town.  His bicycle was parked and locked in front of the open garage, when I saw this I suggested to him to get his own bike rack and thought how cute that would be, then I saw this Bike on a Hot Tin Sign at Modcloth.

I own a couple of bicycles and park it in my mudroom, I know exactly where this sign is going.

Ready, Set, To-Go Menu Organizer @ Modcloth

In my kitchen I have a designated junk drawer full of take-out menus, they're usually thrust into the drawer with not a care in the world resulting in crumpled and now a hard to open drawer, as a result of this chaos I took out one of my old school binders and made a to-go menu folder.  It really was a great idea but it also took a little bit of time since I wanted the to-go menus organized geographically, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American and such.

If you've got the same to-go menu drawer issue but don't have the time to put the binder together yourself look to Modcloth who didn't overlook this problem.


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