Iittala: Let's Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Korento Coffee/Tea cup
Designed by Klaus Haapaniemi & Heikki Orvola

If ever dinnerware could be considered art Iittala would win.  There is use of dark saturated colors,  images of dragon-flies, spooky looking flowers, plates rimmed with trees with bowed limbs, and patterns within images and pictures- these plates, cups and saucers are an eyeful.

The Korento collection is described on Iittala's official site, "Designer Klaus Haapaniemi's new design Korento captures the intensity of the short but sweet northern summer. Korento refers to dragonflies, and the way Haapaniemi portrays them with a powerful flower pattern highlights the buzz of a hot summer day."

Korento Plate
Designed by Kalus Happaneimi & Heikki Orvola

Iittala describes the Taika collection on it's official site, "Taika means ‘magic’ in Finnish, and Klaus Haapaniemi wants his illustrations to inspire your own imagination and storytelling. Combined with other essential design objects of the Iittala collection, Taika gives a magic touch to everyday life."

Taika Plate
Designed by Klaus Haapaneimi & Heikki Orvola

Taika Plate
Designed by Klaus Haapaneimi & Heikki Orvola

For more Iittala dinnerware please click here.


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