Amazing Interior Work On The Vegas Strip

@ a restaurant called 9, a noodle bar.  The entrance was an aisle made of goldfish tanks.

A couple months ago I went to Las Vegas, before then I hadn't been to Las Vegas in roughly 5 years and the changes that I saw were amazing but unsurprising.  I enjoyed my stay at the Ceasar's Palace, the jacuzzi tub in my bathroom, the pool, the food, even the Roulette table but most of all I enjoyed walking through the newer casinos such as Aria and Cosmopolitan, the decor and structures were eye-candy and so very good entertainment.  Please enjoy these handful of photos that I thought were worth sharing.

Still @ 9 noodle bar.  The walls were made of white stencil against a gray stenciled wall creating an effect of depth
which was absolutely amazing! You couldn't even tell where the corners were.

At 9 once again, back in the kitchen there were 2 long shelves of jarred beans.

In a mall connected to one of the hotels, maybe it was the Cosmopolitan Hotel, there was this wooden structure that was
actually a restaurant inside.

Take a closer look at the diners.

At a hotel entrance there are rectangular columns with pictures of the inside of plants.

For each image on these columns there is also a description next to them.


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