A Home Office That Puts You In The Mood

Today it's gray raining in Los angeles, the perfect weather to get lots of work done.  I live in a small but cozy and lovable one-bedroom apartment and because of the lack of space have set up my work-table off to the side in the living-room, it's worked out perfectly.  I get a view of outside, I often sit and look out while at work and though it's loud with the rumbles of passing vehicles, I love it.  I've made the small work space as comfortable as possible and as homey as possible, with a plant and warm lighting- it actually makes working that much more enjoyable.

I've found that whatever space you have or don't have setting up a work area is possible, it's really not about how big of a space you have but how you use it and make it feel.  In my experience converting smaller spaces seems to be a lot more fun as it requires a little bit more imagination, so just have fun with it!

Converting an extra closet is always an awesome & imaginative way to create a work space
which also allows you to keep it enclosed and out of the way.

With small spaces you can always think of something creative, such as the nook (Lt)
or getting some use out of the attic space (Rt).


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