Just Frame It

Unless you are living in the dorms of a college campus you shouldn't be tacking up any kind of pictures (snap shots, posters or prints) on your walls.  Instead, hang it properly in a frame.  There are plenty of frames out there ranging from the expensive to the not-so-expensive, either works fine.  You'll be surprised at the difference of just framing a print or poster will make to the overall appearance of your living-room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway etc.

I have an obsession with buying $12 posters or even the huge $25 posters and framing them, I'm always astounded at the transformation.  My most recent project was a black and white Bjork poster, which I opted to frame in dark stained wood, I thought the black & white would be a great contrast with the dark brown wood, needless to say I was pleased.  

I bought the frame for $50 at Aaron Brother's and then framed it myself, it was quite simple with the help of my friend, and I saved quite a few dollars doing it myself.

In my opinion the dark wood or the black frames seems to be most popular as it always is a complimentary neutral contrast to most other colors, but this isn't to say you can't break some color theory rules and have fun with it.  The numerous times I've done this I opted for gold frames especially if the print has a lot of color in it (for example red, which always goes very nicely with gold).

I opted a gold frame for this print I bought during a visit to a museum, the gold frame was purchased at Aaron Brother's for $30.  The goal was to have the washed out colors of the print appear more striking against the gold frame.


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