Item Of Note: Ikea's affordable Hemnes 3-drawer dresser

Up until recently I was using a kitchen island as a counter top in my bathroom and for awhile I had noticed how cluttered and messy the bathroom was looking due to the towels and things on the exposed shelving on the lower part of the kitchen island. Had I not had so many items and so many different colored and differently designed towels perhaps the exposed shelving of the kitchen island may not have ended up looking so untidy. I purchased a 3-drawer dresser in a red stain (the Hemnes 3-drawer dresser from Ikea) as a way to clean up the look of the bathroom and get it to look the way I wanted it which is tidy, eclectic and charming.

As with most Ikea products the dresser was assembled at home, but the Hemnes dresser is sturdy, a perfect size for my bathroom with surprisingly large dresser space that is deep as well as wide, and looks of great quality. The drawer bottoms are also lined with charming simple line printed paper which I thought was a touch that really went the extra mile.

Best of all, although I purchased this dresser as a furniture/storage piece to be placed in the bathroom this dresser can be used pretty much anywhere, even in the kitchen should you so choose, it will no doubt add an eclectic charm to any space. At a price that is less than two hundred dollars I find this furniture/storage piece to be greatly affordable considering the versatility of where it can be placed, the ample storage space, the quality and the beautiful appearance.


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