Using Teal

I first became known of the existence of the color teal through a good friend of mine who just happens to love teal. I knew of this color before but it never left any kind of impression in my mind, if anything, I didn't care for the color at all. Perhaps it was the way in which the teal was used, in a modern setting, not that it doesn't go well as a modern color, actually, teal goes very well in a modern setting. But in any case, for me that was teal and all that it could give.

But the longer I analysed teal, looked at teal, I was beginning to realize all it's potential. What I considered a color that was so precise that it could only be properly used for modern decor I realized played a larger role in a variety of different realms. I was correct in thinking teal was a precise color, maybe this is the characteristic that I didn't get, but it was because of this precision of color (the pop, the uniqueness of the tone, the chicness of it- whatever you want to call it) that made it so widely used in such differing manners. In fact, what I found was that teal was the simplest color to use in any room, for any theme, with pretty much any decor and paired with any color.


Teal for Retro

Teal for the Mix: Modern & Retro

Teal for Eclectic

Teal for Culture

Teal for Charmed Romance

Teal for Rusticity

Teal for Contemporary


Like most colors on the wheel there are a wide range of teals which means teal can be used in a wide range of ways. 

Deep Teal

Deep teal with its rich color is a great color for a masculine room, beautiful yet dark Deep Teal can keep you focused and grounded making it ideal for studies and lounging rooms. However when paired with other vibrant colors Deep Teal energizes and becomes a vibrant rich color too.

Dusty Teal

Dusty Teal is a soft and soothing masculine teal color.

Teal paired with gray

A sophisticated pairing.

Teal paired with yellow

An eclectic and fun duo!


Teal for Kids

Teal for Outdoors


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