Charming 'trinket and other things' tray

A closer view of the Small Etched Blossom Tray

One of the most useful objects I believe anyone can have in their home (minus the junk drawer) is the 'trinket & other things' tray.  Whether it be placed on your kitchen counter, in the office, near the front door, or in the master bathroom the 'trinket & other things' tray holds everything that is used everyday, temporarily, we're talking keys, wallets, money clip, change, rings even (should the tray be in the right place of course), sunglasses- yes! Doggie leash? Perhaps, a roll of doggie poop-bags? Can't find a better place in my book! A pit stop at the tray of everyday needed and used goods means there's a place for all those things... and, you won't lose them, no more wandering around the house thinking "now where did I put those darn sunglasses?"

When I saw these Etched Blossom trays at Terrain (which are available in two sizes: large and small) I immediately thought how beautiful these trays would be for trinket and other things.

measures 7" diameter

measures 12.5" diameter

A closer view of the Large Etched Blossom Tray


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