I Stand Behind: the Hose Reel

When you buy a home you are buying land- this has never been so apparent until now, trust me, when you stand out in the yard for a hour watering the lawn that came with your property, it will never be clearer to you.  And it will be even more clear if you do not own a hose reel.

Dragging a 25 feet or 75 feet hose around the yard from corner to corner to water every inch of your dying yard is one thing, but after a hour of watering the time has come to reel in that 25 footer or 75 footer, whether you want to do it by hand (the hard way) is up to you.

I have to admit that just up until recently I have been letting my front yard whither away, currently it is an ugly yellowish brown plot with a few green spots here and there.  This unfortunate event came to be when I decided that watering the lawn was way too strenuous because, well let's face it, I was being just plain lazy.  In an ideal world I would have a sprinkler system set up, but I don't, so it has come down to either sucking it up and watering the damn lawn or not.  So what if I have to drag the hose around for a hour and then drag it back to where it belongs, right?!  Wrong, because simply dragging the hose back to where it belongs is not where it ends, afterwards, you have to attempt to wind it up as nicely as possible so the long hose isn't just strewn about hither and thither.  And you all know what this attempt leads to, pure AGGRAVATION because there is no possible way of coiling, not even semi-nicely or even semi-neatly, the long wet hose that has been slithering hither and thither all over the yard full of dirt and grass.  And ever since, I have been dreaming of a hose reel, I remember watering the lawn as a young teen, half my size and it was still easier with the hose reel.  All you had to do was turn the handle and guide the hose a bit, no dragging, no huffing and puffing, no profanities passed through those lips.  

I suppose I had been wishing for a hose reel hard enough, because the next day I awoke to find a hose reel in my front yard, just like that. Odd.  I watered the plants and reeling in the hose was a cinch, but best of all?  No ugly half winded hose strewn about the front yard.


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