Top picks on West Elm's On Sale lighting

Industrial Pendant - Glass $79 from $99

Lamps are one of those house-hold items I didn't get into until just recently or more specifically, until I became old enough to appreciate beautiful lighting, realizing that these accessories however normal and everyday they may be can certainly do a lot to lend character to a room if chosen with some thought.  Like with all other material goods in life lighting can be pretty expensive, hence I bring to you today Top Picks on West Elm's collection of lighting that are ON SALE.

Starting with my favorite (pictured at top) the Industrial Pendant (in glass), where I can easily picture in dining room or kitchen for a clean look that would go most charmingly with a rustic inspired decor.   Be a little daring and try the Industrial Pendant in multiples with layered lengths to create more of a mood.  10.5" in diameter and 11"h. 

I always like to use warm, large shaded, crystal bodied lamps for office decor but even so always have trouble NOT looking through task table lamps such as West Elm's Industrial Task Table Lamp (picture below).  I've always been intrigued by the looks and usability of the task table lamps but have never really found one that looked  just right, however West Elm's Industrial Task Table Lamp comes pretty close with it's multiple choice of colors, high sheen and joint detailing.  7" in diameter and 33" h.

Industrial Task Table Lamp $55 from $69

Mia Table Lamp $103 from $129

I saw the Mia Table Lamp (pictured above) in person and immediately stopped in my tracks.  I have to admit that the Mia Table Lamp is much more catching in person as the picture does not give the full detail and texture of the lamp as it really is, the body has the appearance of crackled pieces glazed together, a very subtle yet beautiful and eye-catching detail which cannot be seen in pictures.  The red glazed ceramic body is especially beautiful with the texture of the linen shade, and the clean modern lines created by the round shade and the symmetrically angled body lends a modern style to what could be otherwise have been a rustic vintage piece.  The Mia Table Lamp would be a beautiful accompaniment to any room that needs a pop of color or has red accents.  14.5" in diameter and 9.8" h.

My second favorite out of the On Sale selections of lighting at West Elm is the turning Pendant Lamp in wood and white (pictured below).  The potential that this lamp has to turn a room into something spectacular is what sells me.  Two of these Turning Pendant lamps on each side of a large bed in a minimal styled bedroom would be breath-taking, the wood detailing would give off a rustic vibe to an otherwise rather modern looking bedroom, I am especially taken with twists, turns and intrigues when it comes to decorating, hence my love for this Turning Pendant which is modern and minimal yet warm and rustic.  19" in diameter and 20"h.

Turning Pendant - Wood/White $119 from $149


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