Item of Note: Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser

Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser @ Design Within Reach

No more ugly plastic tape dispensers from your local drug store.  Very often, mostly during Christmas time, I have thought to myself how ugly the scotch tape dispenser was.  Very often, mostly during Christmas time I have struggled to wrap gifts simply because the tape dispenser need two hands to be dealt with, it is with this bitter spirit that I bring to you today's Beautiful Abodes' Item of Note.

  • 3lb cast zinc body that's heavy enough to permit single-handed use.
  • The forged stainless steel blade cuts effectively over years of use.
  • Now $45.00 from $60.00.   
  • Dimensions:  2"h x 4"w x 3"d
  • And... beautiful enough to keep on your desk.


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