I Stand Behind: Taking Advantage of West Elm Sales

We all love a good sale. When we shop a sale we feel good that we saved that extra dollar or two that can be used to buy yet even more cool stuff. But lets face it, sometimes we can shop a sale and still not get our dollars worth. Sometimes sale items can still be too expensive for our budget and sometimes we purchase sale items and realize that they should have been marked at even lower prices, this brings me to my I Stand Behind post today, Taking Advantage of West Elm Sales.

I love West Elm. I find almost all of their furnishings on the rather expensive side considering the quality (and so, honestly, would never think of purchasing furniture there) but everything else: dinnerware, curtains, hardware, lighting, pillows, baskets and etc. I find to be tasteful and well made. I have as of late noticed that I only purchase West Elm products when they are on sale, and it is because it is so easy to do so, West Elm always has one sale or another going on and they are very good sales too.  So while they may have been fairly priced beforehand they become, on sale, very affordable well made and well styled home products. Below are a few notable things that I found on sale at West Elm.

$8.99 for a Brook dinner plate!

$14.99 for the Pueblo shower curtains!

$249 for a 5' x 8' Sweater Wool Rug! 

$104 for the Zigzag layered bed set!
Which includes duvet cover, flat & fitted sheet & two pillow cases!


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