West Elm's choice of throw blankets

Believe it or not finding the perfect throw blanket can be a hard task, I know this first hand.  My first throw blanket was a deep red, beautifully soft, knitted, thin tasseled throw blanket.  I threw the blanket over my bed, the color went perfectly with the painting on my wall of a ballerina in mid-bow, most likely after a show, holding a large bouquet of flowers close to her chest that was similar in color as this certain throw blanket.  After about a month of using this throw blanket I slowly became more and more aggravated with it, the thin tasseled edges began to knot and soon were snarled around each other.  It was impossible to sit there and try to get the knots out so I stopped trying and gave in to the fact that I indeed made a bad decision to buy.

Other times the throw blanket can be too thin, the texture not quite right.  So yes, finding the perfect throw blanket can be a hard task.  But of course you learn from your mistakes, I've learned... 

1.  You must consider the edges:  are there tassels?
If so, will they get knotted & tangled?

2.  What is the fabric?
Do you prefer knit, faux-fur, etc.?
Will it shed or will lint and things get easily picked up on it?

3.  How large is the throw blanket?
Is it too large or not enough for the space you plan to use it?

These are usually the three things I look out for now when considering any kind of throw whether rug, pillow or blanket.  That being said let's consider throw blanket options from West Elm.

The Chunky Tassel Throw for a very good price and in three different shades is a great option, the knit texture is always comforting and makes one feel at home.  And though I've had a bad experience with throw blanket with tassels, the tassels on the Chunky Tassel Throw seems much too chunky to get tangled and knotted.

Chunky Tassel Throw $55.00

The Cozy Throw, even a great price couldn't get me to buy this blanket!  The loose thin-tasseled edges is a MUST STAY AWAY sign.  Take it from me, after a month of use these edges will be tangled!

Cozy Throw $55.00

The Faux-Fur Throw, my favorite.  My first concern was that the faux-fur would get on everything, my clothes included.  My mother has had a faux-fur throw blanket for some time now and even after as much use as it gets not once have I seen the faux-fur on me or on any of the furniture.  Of course where you get this faux-fur throw blanket and the quality which it is made is a big factor, so ask the nearest salesperson or simply... rub yourself up against the faux-fur rug and test it out for yourself.

Faux-Fur Throw $95.00 - $119.00


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